The rescue and the restoration of Giardini di Villa della Pergola

After the rescue, a whole restoration of the Gardens began under the direction of the
landscape designer Paolo Pejrone.
In addition to the pruning and care of the imposing trees that survived, the park had to be fully
cleared of debris, weeds and whatever had piled up during the decades of neglect. Clearing
the land revealed the collapse of dry stone walls and structural problems typical of a ligurian
terraced park.
The first phase of restoration involved security and stability measures for all retaining walls and
the installation of an irrigation system, to minimize the use of water.
Restoration drew inspiration from the blurry photos taken during the Dalrymple and the
Hanbury times. While preserving the substantial character of the Park, intentional changes
were also made: a huge historical park is something alive that changes over time.
With the expert curatorship of Silvia Arnaud Ricci, the Hanburys' adored Wisteria were
reinstated and the old Agapanthuses were replaced by a brand new collection including nearly
500 different species.
A citrus plant collection was introduced, along with the Hanbury's beloved Cactaceae and
giant Strelitzias. Also, an aquatic environment for Lotus flowers was created on the huge water
storage tank.
The park has now regained the splendor exhibited during the Dalrymple and Hanbury eras
and it is today once again one of the botanic marvels of the Riviera and the Mediterranean.